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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is what brings your website and business to the people who are looking for your services and products.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the continual process of making your website show up favorably in search engines.  Getting listed on the first three pages of search engine listings is a goal for many business web sites. 

A website's attractive appearance and easy navigation is important to improve customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty. However, if your target customers are not able to locate your website, then all the efforts made become unfruitful. That is why after the initial set up of your website, you need to optimize it for search engines.

Triumph Web Solutions of Atlanta, Georgia offers some one-time SEO services as well as ongoing full search engine optimization services. Our ethical and proficient Search Engine Optimization Service (SEO) includes comprehensive website metric and usability analysis, comprehensive keyword research and optimization of all web page content.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is what brings your website to the people who are looking for your services and products.Our Strategic Approach:

Website Metrics and Usability Analysis

Understanding what is happening on your website is crucial to improving the performance of your marketing campaigns. We conduct an in-depth study of user behavior, which analyzes how visitors arrived on the site, what pages they viewed and why they did or did not complete a transaction. This is the first step in optimizing your site to increase website revenue. We also look at how your customers perceive your website. A usability analysis reveals any problems with the design, layout, copy or technical structure of the website to eliminate any potential obstacles.

Keyword and Keyphrase Research

Our search engine marketing services start with identifying the keywords your target audience uses when searching for your products or services. It is a crucial step of the optimization process. Proper keyword research is critical to online success. Keywords are generated from various sources including but not limited to website copy, search engine tools, and competitive reviews. Broad match, Exact match, Phrase match, and Negative match types are utilized to ensure relevant queries receive maximum exposure. We will look at the key words and key phrases on your website and those on your competitor's website to identify top performing keywords.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are often the first thing your potential customers will see. Landing Page Optimization is the process of analyzing and modifying web pages, both graphically and content-wise, to improve the stickiness of the site. We optimized them to make sure your landing page conversion rate numbers significantly increase.

Link Structure

The link structure of your company's website is extremely important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, you want your links organized in a way that makes it easy for visitors to navigate your site and find what they are looking for. With such a wealth of information available on the Internet and so many other sites out there competing for your potential customers' eyeballs, perhaps the quickest way to make someone click off your site is to confuse them with a disorganized mess of links. Furthermore, link structure is also important to your SEO search engine marketing efforts. When the search engine "spiders" visit your site, they'll crawl through every page on your site in order to index them. These robots will pick up on a well-organized linking system, which can make an impact in your search engine rank and the amount of traffic that will come to your site as a result.

Website Content Optimization/Maintenance

Strict website maintenance can correct issues like outdated content, broken links and other issues that turn away potential customers. We will fine tune your calls-to-action, streamline forms or other elements with which users interact, and add new, optimized content.

Site Submission on Global Search Engines

Search engines crawl the websites to index them. However, this takes time. We will hasten this process by submitting all the links within your website to all major search engines.

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